The CODE SAFE Immobiliser device provides theft deterrence by preventing unauthorised drivers from using the vehicle without the unique code. Its primary goal is to prevent the engine from running if an unauthorised driver enters the wrong code.

OUR anti-theft  device the CODE SAFE, works even if the thief or "joy rider" has the original vehicle key (or other "token").

automotive industry as well as installers, auto electricians and Insurance companies.

OUR immobilisers, for over 2 decades has  proven that this technology can in fact STOP CAR THEFT.

Throughout the Middle East and Europe the CODE SAFE became a mandatory installation through insurance.

The CODE SAFE  SAVES millions of dollars to ALL Insurance companies who pay out claims each year due to car theft. There has been a huge increase of car theft and Insurance companies are feeling the effects.

Victoria is facing the worst car theft crisis  in decades.

Due to the ever growing gang warfare and drug issues the car theft has increased by 31.4% with 465 cars being stollen a week in Victoria alone. Infrastructure has grown and residents find themselves parking their valued assets on the streets, and whilst paying for permit street parking their is still no risk management and councils will not be held responsible for theft.

Both by direct costs of lower insurance premiums to consumers as well as indirect savings of tax payers funds and by freeing valuable time and assets for crime fighting agencies the CODE SAFE is a much needed product in our Australian automotive market.

The CODE SAFE is a safe guard product that gives the owner peace of mind when leaving their cars on the street.

The CODE SAFE gives parents peace of mind when knowing their children can not joy ride in their valued possession, and safe guard their children from fatal incident. 

CODE SAFE  is an affordable, cost effective insurance policy to safe guard your Car,Truck, Bobcat, Tractor, Four wheel drive, road home, against all vehicle theft.